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What we do

At eXeLIIgence, we develop next-generation IoT solutions which include airborne drone-based sensing and actuation systems that can operate autonomously with minimal or no human intervention. Depending on the application requirements, our solutions can work in a standalone manner or be coupled with other ground-based sensing infrastructure and cloud-based systems.

We have considerable experience in distributed system design and the development of robust wireless sensor-actuator networks and drone-based systems. We adopt a full hands-on approach that is driven by our deep and cross-layer knowledge of computer systems, from application software to middleware and the operating system down to the hardware, gained through several years of researching system-level technologies and building complex systems that actually work.

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FlyByCode platform

While each application has its own particular requirements and limitations, most drone-based solutions come with a common set of core engineering challenges that need to be addressed in a systematic and robust way. To accelerate development, we rely on the FlyByCode platform which is the result of yearlong research and experimentation in system-software for drone-based systems.

FlyByCode makes it possible to fully automate the entire cycle of operation, including take-off, waypoint-based or dynamic data-driven navigation, sensing, data collection, data processing and actuation as an integral part of the mission, precision landing and battery charging. 

Key Features

  • Automatic and dynamic missions without a pilot
  • Periodic and on-alert missions
  • Single or multi-drone missions
  • Plug-in data processing/analytics
  • Integration with fixed sensor systems
  • Turn-key solution
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Our services

Tailored Solutions

We know there is no silver bullet. For each case, we work closely together with our customers to elicit the system requirements, focusing on process automation and human-computer interaction issues of cyber-physical systems.


Nowadays, every computer-based system is inevitably part of a wider ecosystem with which it needs to interact. We have significant experience in system integration, be it through legacy protocols, standard interfaces or open APIs.

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For inquiries contact us at

Address: Papagou 30, 38221, Volos, Greece